At Arizona Ground Hounds our passion is excellence in puppies!

Our puppies know what it means to be a special part of our family, so they go home to you ready to be loved. Our puppies are loved, and we show it with the way that we take care of them. Choose an Arizona Ground Hound and see the difference.

Get our Double Dog Discount

 Come Home Little Hot Dog Doggies.

Come Home Little Doggies!!

We provide one big discount! To our special puppy parents who know what it means to have two puppies grow up together, Arizona Ground Hounds will offer a double dog discount to show you that we mean business when it comes to two puppies going home together.  For some families it's just not possible, we know, but for families who would like to open up their hearts and homes to two same sex puppies adopted together so that they can be raised together, we offer a discount on your second puppy.  If the puppies are adopted at the same time you can choose to use our Double Dog Discount on two same sex puppies from the same litter, or different litters.