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Ragdolls With Flop New Ragdoll Kitten Tips:

You are bringing a Ragdoll kitten home! That can be intimidating for your new kitten and the new kitten parent as well. Ragdolls With Flop hopes that these tips will help:

Please remember that your kitten is leaving their litter mates and the familiar environment of their previous home. The sounds, sights, smells plus the stress of leaving are very overwhelming for your kitten. That is why you want to give them a warm, inviting, and Ragdoll kitten-friendly place to come home to.  As a new Ragdoll kitten parent, you want to make this transition as positive for the kitten as you can.

1. Keep your new Ragdoll kitten happy. Setting up a contained room or space that is safe and inviting for your kitten is crucial.  Your own bedroom with the door closed off could work very well.  Make sure that whichever space you provide for your new kitten that you remember to make that space:

*Open and safe for exploration and play

*Loving and pleasant for kitten self-motivation to approach people and pets.

The space you choose for your kitten needs to have plenty of things to keep your kitten engaged and stimulated.

Choose a space that is close to your own living space so that you can check on your new kitten. Set aside as much time to play with your kitten as possible. Ragdolls need a lot of attention from their humans. They are cats who love their humans, so they require a lot of love and cuddles and playtime.

Cats love vertical space. This means that they love to climb and “perch” upon kitten designated shelving and they love cat trees. High areas like that help Ragdolls feel more comfortable and safer. Vertical spaces help stimulate your kitten.

A lot of our Ragdoll with Flop kittens like music. They enjoy looking out of windows. They like boxes and a lot of them enjoy enclosed Catio play areas.

Create a feeding station with food.  Ragdolls With Flop recommends that you buy a 3.5 lb bag of Authority Kitten Food and to mix a large handful of that with whatever food you prefer until the 3.5 lb bag is gone. Provide plenty of fresh water. Cat Water Fountains are ideal for most of our Ragdoll kittens. Make sure that you provide a special place for your new kitten to sleep and lounge that belongs just to your new kitten even if you already have other cats or kittens.  Provide toys.

Whether you have other animals in the house or not, you need a separate space from other animals at first so that your kitten has his/her own safe place to become accustomed to his/her new home/family.

Your Ragdoll kitten will need time to adjust to his/her new home and family. Please be patient.  

Ragdolls With Flop highly recommends bringing home two kittens together. This allows them to play together and comfort each other. Having two helps their adjustment into their new home/family not feel quite so traumatic for them.

Ragdolls With Flop wishes you years of love and happiness with your new furry family member.